Massive Stones: Evidence Of Highly Advanced Civilizations Of Giants In Russia?

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Do you believe it’s possible that all of those ancient texts mentioning giants walking on Earth are more than folklore and mythology?

What if in the distant past, before written history and the rise of our civilization, advanced civilizations of ‘beings’ inhabited Earth?

What if hundreds of thousands of years ago life flourished on a much different Earth than what we see today?

Is it possible that these MASSIVE rocks found all over the planet from South America, Central America, and even Russia indicate that in the distant past, pre-human civilizations existed on Earth?

And were destroyed by cosmic events causing civilization on Earth to reset several times? Some of the stones found in Russia are even bigger than the largest block located in Baalbek.

These massive stone blocks are nested deep within the Siberian mountains. Located precisely in southern Siberia on Mount Shoria, there are huge blocks of stone with flat surfaces, mindboggling angles, sharp corners and other clues which according to many are the ultimate evidence of cyclopean masonry.

According to preliminary reports, it is estimated that some of the massive stones at Mount Shoria weigh around three to four thousand tons.

No matter where we go and at what ancient culture we look at, it seems that ‘Ancient Giant Beings’ were present on Earth before ‘ancient history,’ a time that corresponds to a period in the long history of planet Earth, where, according to mainstream scholars civilizations and mankind were totally undeveloped and perhaps, didn’t even exist.

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