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How to Delete “Documents and Data” On iPhone for Extra Space

How to Delete “Documents and Data” On iPhone for Extra Space
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Wondering “How to delete Documents and Data on iPhone” to free up space? Documents and Data can take up quite some storage space. We will walk you through some tips and tricks to help you delete documents and data on iPhone.

How to Delete “Documents and Data” On iPhone for Extra Space

How to Delete “Documents and Data” On iPhone for Extra Space

This brings us to the question – “What is Documents and Data on iPhone?”. Many sources contribute to Documents and Data on iPhone. For example, Stock apps, Cached data, iCloud documents and even third-party apps.

Now that we know each of these can add up to storage space, let’s understand some ways of cleaning up precious storage space occupied by Documents and Data. Also, check out the iPhone keeps restarting error for the better understanding of iPhone common errors.

How to delete Documents and Data on iPhone

Suspect No.1: Stock Apps

Music, Videos, Safari, Messages, Mail etc. are stock apps. All stock apps deal with data, while storing some of it. Your favorite Music app stores some data for its own use. The videos app takes up space to store downloaded videos.

Safari stores data in the form of cache content, reading list and more. The Mail app also uses the cache. You get the idea right? Basically, each app stores different data and each app has a different way of removing data.

“How to delete Documents and Data on iPhone” boils down to freeing up space occupied by stock apps and third-party apps. Let’s see how we can free up some space for each of these apps:


Clearing cache, reading list, history, cookies can help delete significant data from Documents and Data

To clear history and cookies on Safari –

1). Head to Settings

2). Scroll down. Tap on Safari

3). Scroll down to find History & Cookies and Data

4). Tap on History, Cookies and Data to clear them

To clear reading list –

1).  Head to Settings -> General -> Usage

2). From the apps list, Show All Apps -> Scroll down to Safari

3). Tap on Edit. Next, tap on red ‘-‘ sign next to Offline Reading list. Tap on Delete.

If you feel that Safari has been slowing down of late, it could be due to MBs of space occupied by the reading list. Clearing this helps save precious disk space and can speed up Safari.

NOTE: When you do this, all reading list items are deleted from your iCloud Account.


One of the ways of saving disk space by deleting Documents and Data is to clear message attachments and old conversations.

To clear iMessage cache –

You’ll need:


Your iPhone/iPad

PC/Mac running latest version of iTunes

Follow these steps:

Backup iPhone or iPad through iTunes. Apple Support: Backup

Open iBackupbot

From the side pane, head to System Files > Mediadomain > Library > SMS > Attachments

Clear all the folders within ‘Attachments’. Better still, delete all folders.

Click on “Restore”. iPhone is now restored to this backup.

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