Four things driving the new 2017 Ford GT taught us

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There’s not much point in calling your local Ford dealer and asking for a test-drive of the 2017 Ford GT. With 750 of the limited, 1,000-strong production run already claimed – that’s all the cars Ford plans to make for the next three years – and competition likely to be fierce when the automaker opens up the application process for the remaining handful, the GT puts the “super-rare” in supercar.

If you can’t try it yourself, we can do the next best thing: tell you what the Ford GT is like after having been behind the wheel ourselves.

What’s missing is just as important as what’s there

“It was designed in a wind-tunnel” has become automotive shorthand for a multitude of sins in recent years. As economy requirements have grown more demanding, and performance has become just as much about how slippery your car is through the air as the engine under its hood, we’ve seen mainstream vehicles gravitate to a generalized sort of blob.

It’s great for airflow, but it hasn’t done much for aesthetics. The 2017 Ford GT was also designed with aerodynamics in mind, but nobody is going to say it looks generic. Its two-door silhouette makes one of the most extreme uses of negative space we’ve ever seen on a production vehicle, in the name of not only minimizing air resistance but maximizing the potential benefit from that airflow.

Those vast cutaways that curve around the cabin and under the flying buttresses at the rear are the most conspicuous example, of course. The airflow actually starts at the front vents, slicing up into the side channels and then back, around the rear of the car to feed the cooling needs of the engine.

At the same time, the shape of the underside of the GT helps create a vacuum chamber around the front axle, effectively sucking the car down to the road the faster you drive.

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